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M E R R I A M 




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corrected and enlarged prom tfe new-england historical and genealogical 
Register for April, 1868, and April, 1870, 

The following record was, with the exception of a few words, 
completely ready for the printers before the departure of the author 
for Europe in May, 1886, consequently before the publication of 
"SOME MERIAMS and Their Connection with other Families," 
by Rufus N. Meriam in 1888. The latter work is in no sense a 
genealogy of the family, and I therefore have no hesitation in carry- 
ing out my intention of printing this account of the early generations. 
The two pamphlets should in fact be bound together. They will be 
found not always to agree exactly, and while I hope that in all such 
cases I am right, I will not positively assert that I must be so. 

The wills of Robert and Mary Merriam of Concord, Mass., are 
remarkable for the number of relatives named in them, and from 
them we learn some family connections not noticed by Savage or 
Shattuck, They are here printed at length from the originals in the 
registry of probate at East Cambridge, and are followed by the will 
of George Merriam from the same source, and that of Joseph Mer- 
riam from the registry of probate in Boston. 

Will of Robert Merriam, 

I Robert Meriam of Concord in the County of Middelsex in Massa- 
chusetts Colony in New England, being in p r fect memory doe make 
this my last will and Testament in manour and forme following ; 

First I comitt & comend my soule into the hands of God my faithfull 
Father who hath called me to the fellowship of his son Jesus Christ 
in horn I have beleved, knowing that he is able to keepe that which I 
have comitted to him and my body to be decently buryed, beleving 
the Resurrection thereof to eternall life, as touching the temporall 
Estat which God hath given me, as foloweth ; 

It I give to my loving wife all my moveables to be to her use and 
dispose, and the housing and lot of land it stands on & two orchards : 
which I now live in ; and lyeth in the Towne of Concord ; betwen John 
Wheelers house lott ; and Joshuah Whelers and also all the medow I 
have lying in the great Medow betwen M r John Flints medow ; and my 
Cosen Buss medow ; and all that medow & upland lying in oake 
snedow or mento so called ; and ninty six acres of coman land in the 

South quarter of the Towne as the bounds of it appear in the Towne 

It I give to my Cosen Isaak Day in old England, which is son to 
my sister Joan Day now decesed ; all my housing and lands being and 
lying within the bounds of Cambridg ; provid he come over and take 
possession of it before my wifes decese, in case he doe not, I give it 
to my Cosen Joseph Meriam now decesed, Robert Meriam his son of 
the Towne of Cambridg and his heires for ever. 

It I give to my Cosen Jonathan Hubard hoe liveth with me twenty 

It I give to Joseph French, whoe formerly lived with me ; Twenty 
acres of land to be layed out where he now liveth ; and all the housing 
which stands on it ; beginning at the drene he hath mad in the gutter 
wher the water runeth next my Brother George Meriams now de- 
ceced lands ; south west of it, and betwene the great medow, and 
the heiway way going from the Towne to Billicary ; I say to the 
nombor of twenty acres. 

It I give all my other lands accept before mensioned, and by deeds 
of gift to others to this day : to my too Brothers Children, now decesed, 
that is to say Joseph Meriam and Geo Meriams Children ; that is 
to say three sons and five daghters ; William Meriam and John 
Meriam ; & Samewell Meriam ; the daughters Elizabeth Hinckesman ; 
Seuesan Schotchford ; Elizabeth West ; Hanna Tailler and Abigail 
Batman ; said lands medow & uplands ; These eight persones fore- 
mensioned ; to devide said lands every on to have an equall pro- 
portion ; also I bequeth and give to those forementioned Eight 
p r sones, every on of them (ten pounds) apeece. 

It I give to Reverend M r Bulkely Paster of the Church of Con- 
cord forty shillings. 

It I give to my Cosen John Buss four pounds. 

It I give to Sara Wheler, which formerly lived with me forty 

It I give to the poore of the Towne of Concord four pound in 

I doe hearby further declare my mening to be, and my full will 
is that house at Cambridg & house that Joseph French liveth in, 
before mensioned. The rents of them be payed to and receved 
by my Wife, deuring her life ; lastly I do hereby nominat, and 
constitut my dear and loving Wife Mary my sole executrix of this 
my will ; In witnes hereof I sete to my hand and seale ; the word, 
accep, above interlined before signing and sealing, I do set to my 
hand and seale this tent day of Desem r on thousing sex hundred, 
Eighty on. 

Signed & sealed in the Robert Meriam. 

presents of us 
Timothy Wheller 
John Smedley sener 
Proved 4 April 1682. 


Will of Mary Merrtam. 

I Mary Merieam widdow of Concord in the County of Medelsex 
in the Masatusuts Colliny in New England : being in perfect memory 
doe make this my last will and Testament in maner and form as fol- 
lowing : First I commeet my soule into the hands of God my Father 
through Jesus Christ : and my body to be decently buried : hoping the 
resurection therof to eternall life. 

As touching my outward estate which God hath given mee as 
folio weth. 

It I give to my cousin Jonathan Hubard who liveth now in my 
hous with me all my housinge and lands in Concord which my 
Husband gave to me and the medow which I bought of John Wilier, 
and a wood lott which was my husbands that I bought againe, to 
him and his heirs for ever. 

It I give to my cousin M ris Elizabeth Corwin my Brother 
Jacob Sheafes eldest daughter ten pounds in monny to her or her 

I give to my cousin M ris Mehittibell Sheafe the younger 
daughter of my Brother Sheafe ten pounds in monny to her or 
her childeren. 

It I give to my owne sisters childeren but four of them 
liveing now in the sowarn parts to say John Chittenden, 
Nathanaell Chittenden and there two sisters Mary and Johana 
ten pounds apice in monny two them or theer children. 

It I give to my cousin John Rucke five pounds in monny to him 
or his childeren. 

It I give to my cousin Samuell Rucke five pounds in monny to 
him or his childeren. 

It I give to my cousin Willam Meriam four pounds in monny to 
him or his childeren. 

It I give to my cousin Elyzabeth West four pounds in monny to 
her or her childeren. 

It I give to my cosin Isack Day four pounds in monny to him or his 

It I give to my cousin John Meriam forty shillings in monny to 
him or his childeren. 

It I give to my cousin Samuell Meriam forty shillings in monny 
to him or his childeren. 

It I give to my cousin Scochford or his wife forty shillings in 

It I give to my cousin Robert Merriam six pounds in monny and 
my great silfer cup. 

It I give to Sara Wilier which formerly lived with me halfe my 
wearing apearell linen or wollen silk or stufe to her or her childe- 
ren, and the other halfe to my cousin Samuell Meriams wife and her 

It I give to John Hamelton four pounds in goods. 

Lastly I doe heareby nomenate and consticute my cousin Jonathan 
Hubard that now lives with me and my cousin John Meriam and 
my cousin Samuell Meriam my joynt Executers of this my will. 
In witness hearof I set to my hand and seale This Fifteen day of 
Februery one thousand six hundered Eighty six Eighty seven. 
Two words scribled out before signed in the 16 line. 
Signed sealed and published before us Mary Merieam. 

John Wheller sener 

Steven x Hosmer 

Thomas Browne 
Proved 21 August 1693 

Will of George Merriam. 

I George Mirriam of Concord in New Engl d . in the Coun. of 
Midd. being in perfect memory do make this my last will & tes- 
tam*. in manner & forme as following, first I coniitt and coniend 
my Soul into the hands of God my mercifull father, who hath called 
mee to the fellowship of his son Jesus Ch*. in whom I have beleived, 
knowing he is able to keep y* w c h I have coniitted to him, and my 
body to be decently buryed, beleiveing the resurreccon thereof to 
Eternall life, As touching the temporal estate that God hath given 
mee as followeth. 

Itm. I give to my beloved wife all my moveables to be at her 
dispose. Itm. I give to my five daughters, Sarah Gove of Cam- 
bridge, Elizat). West of Salem, Hannah Axdell of Marlbury, Susan 
Scotchford of Concord, and Abigail Bateman of Concord, these 
sev'all parcels of land hereafter mentioned, namely : Eighteen acc r s 
of upland beyond Crane feild, Six acc r s meadow at faire haven, Two 
acc r s of plow land in the South feild, Two ace r s of meadow in the 
great meadow, fifteen acc r s of woodland beyond Cedar Swamp, five 
acc r s of woodland by M r Flynts pond, fourten ace r s of woodland at 
y e head of y e oxpasture, Eight acc r s of land by y e suburbs neere 
Rocky meadow, fifty seaven acc r s of land, & forty five acc r s of land, 
at y e lower end of Elme brook meadow, Thirten acc r s of meadow 
called Birch meadow, to be equally divided between them, as they 
shall agree among themselves, or upon non agreem 1 by a Comittee 
mutually chosen between them. Itm. I give to my sonn Samuu 
my houseing & lands joyneing thereunto, cont'. three lotts, being in 
quantity thirty acc r s more or less, & six acc r s meadow in the Town 
meadow, with two acc r s of upland thereto adjoyneing, & twelve 
of meadow in Elm brook meadow, with four acc r s of swamp & 
upland joyneing thereto, & two acc r s in Cedar swamp, provided 
that this my son Samuel do well provide for comfortable mainte- 
nance of his mother during her naturall life, & take care for her 
decent bury all w' deceased, My will also is that if Susan my wife 

for her greater conveniency shall choose to live with any of her 
daughters, or any other place in Concord, that then my said son 
Samuel shall allow five pounds p ann to his mother in such pro- 
vissions as her meet for her in the place shee shall from time 
to time be in ; Also I appoynt my said son Samuel Executo r of this 
my last will and testam*. In witness whereof I set to my hand & 
seale, this 8 th day of Octob. one thousand six hundred seaventy & 

Signed & sealed George Mirrtam. 

in the p r sence of 

Joseph Estabrook 

Robert Mirriam 

Thomas Burges 
Proved 4 April 1676 

Will of Joseph Merriam. 
The 29 th of the 10 th month in the yeare of o r Lord 1640. 

The last will & Testament of Joseph Miriam of Concord. 

I Joseph Miriam of Concord being weake in bodie but blessed be 
God of good memory & sence inwardly do comit my soule to God 
in Jesus Christ & my body to the earth from whence it came. 

Item I give & bequeath to Sarah my wife all my whole estate 
towards and for the bringing up of all my children ; & I do give to 
the said Sarah my wife power and authority to sell my house that I 
now dwell in if God shall offer such an opportunity it being larger 
and bigger than she shall stand in need of: and that the overplus of 
providing a lesse house shalbe disposed in some way for the good & 
benefit of my wife & children.: And my mind & will is that my 
wife shall have the bringing up of all my children untill they come to 
the age of one and twenty yeares the sonns & the daughters either 
at that time or at the day of marriage : & my will & mind is that 
when my eldest child shall come to the age of one & twenty yeares, 
then my estate shalbe prised & the said Sarah my wife shall have 
the third part of my estate at that time in possession, whether 
augmented or diminished, according as God hath blessed it : & my 
sonns shall have a double portion with my daughters and according 
as my children come to age, I meane my sonns to one & twenty 
and my daughters either at that age or at the day of marriage ; they 
shall receive theire portions according to the proportion of estate at 
that time when each of them shall come to age or as aforesaid : 
And my will & mind is that if the said Sarah my wife shall marry 
againe that then my estate shalbe prised : & valued & the said Sarah 
my wife shall have the third wholely to her selfe ; the rest of my 
estate shalbe for my children, & the increase of that shalbe for the 
bringing of them up untill my sonne William shall come to one & 
twenty yeares, & then he shall have his portion as aforesaid : & 

then the rest of my estate both principall & increase shalbe pre- 
served for my other children I conceiving they then being sufficient 
to live of themselvs : except it be in case of sicknes or infirmity ; 
wch then according to any of theire necessities shalbe supply made 
out of the stocke undivided. 

And furder my will & mind is, that if my wife be wth child ; 
that then none of my children shall have any increase of my stock 
preserved for them, but according as they come to age they shall 
receive theire portions as aforesaid :* & the increase of the stock still 
undivided shall go for the bringing up of the yonge one : 

And my mind & will is to make my wife my whole executor & 
with her my trusty & welbeloved brethren Mr Thomas Flint, Simon 
Willard, Robert Miriam, whom I humbly intreate & put in trust to 
take care &, oversee & give counsel to my wife about my estate & 
children and theire affaires : & especially my wife shall not sell my 
house or any accomodations wthout theire councell & approbation 
or the major part of them. 

Proved 26 October 1642. 

Of the relatives named in the wills of Robert and Mary Merriam, 
" Cosen Isaak Day in old England " came to this country and 
lived at Cambridge from 1686 till 1692, when he seems to have 
returned to England. " Cosen Jonathan Hubard " was son of 
John of Wethersfield, Conn., afterwards of Hadley and Hatfield, 
who probably married a sister of Robert Merriam. " Cosen John 
Buss " was also surely son of another sister of Robert Merriam. 
"Cousin M ris Elizabeth Corwin " was wife of Jonathan of Salem. 
John, Nathaniel, Mary and Joanna Chittenden werfi children of 
William, whose wife was Joan Sheaf, sister of Mrs. Mary Merriam ; 
they lived at Guilford, Conn. John and Samuel Ruck were, I 
suppose, of Salem; their mother seems to have been a sister of 
Mrs. Mary Merriam, and therefore a Sheaf . 

The Merriam family of Concord, probably the only* early family 
of the name in New England, was founded by three brothers, 
Joseph, George and Robert, who were undoubtedly sons of Wil- 
liam Miriam, buried at Hadlow in Kent, f England, 23 September, 
1635 ; his will here follows : — 

In the Name of God Amen the eighth daie of September in the 
yeare of our Lord Christ one thousand six hundred thirty and 
five ; I William Mirriam of Hadlowe in the County of Kent Cloth- 
ier being of sound and good memory, and in reasonable good health 

* John Merriam of Boston and Samuel Merriam of Charlestown, mentioned by the Hon, 
James Savage in the Genealogical Dictionary of New England, were really Marion, and 
are hIso recorded by him under their proper name. #. . 

f The Kentish settlers in New England were many ; I was told at Canterbury that the 
story or legend of the " great emigration" still lingers in the Weald of Kent. 

of body but aged and thereby as well as by daylie examples and the 
consideration of mans mortalitye put in mynd of my last end and 
departure of this world, for the setling of that estate wherewith God 
hath blessed mee Doe ordayne and make this my Testament and 
last Will in manner followinge First 'therefore recomending my 
Soule to the gratious acceptance of Almightie God through Jesus 
Christ my Saviour And my bodie to the earth in decent manner to 
be buried I will to the Poore of Hadlowe Tenn shillings Item I 
will to Susan my daughter already preferred fifty shillings Item I 
will to my daughter Margarit likewise preferred already the like 
sum of fifty shillings Item to my daughter Joane already preferred 
one shilling Item I will to Sara my daughter the sume of fortie 
poundes of lawfull English money to be paid unto her within three 
monthes next after my decease by mine Executor hereafter named ; 
Item I will to Sara my louving wife * all the household stuff of myne 
which is in my nowe dwellinghouse situate at Barnestreete in Had- 
lowe aforesaid Item I will to the said Sara my wife the five poundes 
p Annum which shee is to be paid out of my Landes in Goodherst 
in the County of Kent during her naturall life And allsoe I will 
unto her Three pounds per annum of lawfull English money to be 
paid to her during her naturall life (halfe yearly by equall porcons) 
out of my tenement and lands in Yalding in the said County And 
for defaulte of payment thereof to her accordinglie I will that it shall 
and may be lawful to and for my said wife and her assigns to enter 
and distreyne upon my said tenement and lands or any part thereof 
And the distress and distresses to hold and deteyne until the said 
annuity of three pounds shall be paid unto her from tyme to tyme 
according to the purport of this my Will And further I will that 
my said wife shall freely and quietly have her dwelling & abiding in 
my dwelling house aforesaid after my decease during the whole 
terme of her naturall life with free accesse ingress egress and re- 
course to and from the same And into and from the gardens and 
orchards for herbs water and for her bruinge bakeing washinge dry- 
inge and the like needfull occasions Item I will to my sonne 
Joseph Myrriam all such household stuffe as I shall have at the time 
of my decease remaining and being in the house wherein he now 
dwelleth situate in Tewdly or elsewhere, where he shall then dwell 
being in his custody or possession Item I will to George Mirriam 
my son Five pounds and to his daughter Mary my Goddaughter 
Five shillings Item I will to William Howe my Grandchild Tenne 
shillings And to every childe of his father Thomas Howe which he 
had by my daughter bis late deceased wife I will five shillings Item 
I will to William Mirriam my Grandchilde Son of the said Joseph 

* The only intimation I have as to the possible parentage of Sara, wife of William Mir- 
riam of Hadlow, is in the will of James Burges of Tudeley 1590, who mentioned his 
son-in-law William Merryan. A Thomas Burges was a witness to the will of George 
Merriam of Concord 1675. 


my Sonne Five shillings All which legacyes before by mee be- 
queathed (not assigned to anie time of payment) I will shalbe paid 

within one whole next after my decease And if any legato- 

rie beforenamed shalbe then within age I will my Executor shall paie 
it to the Parent of such Legatorie and soe shalbe discharged thereof 
And as touchinge my lands and tenements this is also the last Will 
of me the said William Mirriam made and declared the day and 
yeare first abovewritten Item I will to Joseph Mirriam my Son 
and to his heires and assignes for ever all my landes and tenements 
lying in Yalding in the sajd Countie of Kent with their and every 
of their appurtenances charged with the beforementioned annuity of 
Three pounds willed to my said wife as aforesaid to be paid unto her 
Item I will to Robert Mirriam my Sonne and to his heirs and 
assigns for ever all that messuage or tenement wherein I now dwell 
situate lying and being in Hadlow aforesaid with the barns out- 
houses yards gardens orchards and all my landes thereto belonging 
And also all other my landes tenements and hereditaments with 
their and every of their appurtenances lying and being in Hadlow 
aforesaid To hold to the said Robert his heirs and assignes for ever 
he and they suffering my wife to have her dwelling and the ease- 
ments and commoditees aforesaid To the which Robert my Sonne 
I will and give all my goods and chattels not formerly bequeathed 
To hold to him his executors and assignes for ever And I do ordain 
and make the said Robert the full and sole Executor of this my 
Testament and last Will Sealed with my Seale Dated the daie and 
yeare first before written The marke of the said William Mirriam 
Sealed published and declared in the presence of Thomas Hum- 
phrey. John Hooper norie pbq. 

Proved at Rochester 27 November 1635. 

Nothing relating to the family is found in the registers of the 
parishes of Goudhurst, Hadlow and Yalding, except the burial of 
William Miriam at Hadlow, and the baptism at Goudhurst 16 July 
1581 of William son of William Meriam, perhaps a son of the 
testator, who died before his father. Of Tudeley the early register 
is unfortunately not to be found. At Tunbridge, near which are 
all these villages, George Miriam and Susan Raven were married 
16 October 1627 ; they had there Mary, b. and d. 1628, Mary or 
Susan, b. 1630, Elizabeth, b. 1635, ? d. 1636, and Joseph, b. 1637. 

The names of children and grandchildren, mentioned in the will 
and born at Tunbridge, agree almost exactly with those found at 
Concord, where we have the three sons, George with a wife Susan, 
and both Joseph and George with children born in England, nearly 
the same as named above. Joane, daughter of William Mirriam, 
undoubtedly married Thomas Day of Brenchley, who had a son 
Isaac and died in 1653; Thomas Day of Horsemonden, probably 
son of Thomas of Brenchley, died in 1659, and in his will mention- 

ed his mother Joane and his brothers Isaac, Joseph and Richard. 
One of the other daughters probably married a Buss, and was 
mother of John Buss of Concord, and still another probably mar- 
ried John Hubbard, and was mother of Jonathan Hubbard of 

1. II. Joseph Merriam, probably eldest of the three brothers, 

married Sarah , came to New England, settled at Concord, 

Mass. ; Freeman of Massachusetts 14 March, 1639 ; died 1 January, 
1641 ; his widow married secondly Joseph Wheeler of Concord, 
and died 12 March, 1671. Children : 

i. William. 4 

ii. Sarah, b. ; m. Thomas Wheeler of Concord; d. before 1681 ; 

he d. ? 12 June, 1695. 

iii. Joseph, b. in 1629. 5 

iv. Elizabeth, b. ; m. Thomas Henchman of Chelmsford and 

Charlestown ; d. in 1705 ; he d. in 1703. 

v. John, b. at Concord 9 July, 1641, posthumous. 6 

2. II. George Merriam, probably second of the three broth- 
ers, married at Tunbridge, Kent, 16 October, 1627, Susan Raven; 
came to New England, settled at Concord, Mass. ; Freeman of 
Massachusetts, 2 June, 1641 ; died 29 December, 1675. Children : 

i. Mary, bapt. at Tunbridge 30 November, 1628; bur. 4 December, 

ii. Mary,* bapt. at Tunbridge 14 November, 1630; d. at Concord 10 
August, 1646. 

iii. Susau, b. ; m. John Scotchford of Concord ; d. 2 Febru- 
ary, 1707 ; he d. 10 June, 1696. 

iv. Elizabeth, bapt. at Tunbridge 18 January, 1635; ? bur. 14 May, 

v. Joseph, bapt. at Tunbridge 26 February, 1637; d. young. 

vi. Sarah, b. at Concord 17 July, 1639 f; m. 18 October, 1658, Wil- 
liam Hall, who d. 10 March, 1667, and she m. secondly 

Gove of Cambridge; d. before 1681. 

vii. Elizabeth, b. at Concord 8 November, 1641; m. 7 September, 

1664, Henry West of Salem; d. in August, 1691. 
viii. Samuel, b. at Concord ? 21 July, 1643. 7 

ix. Hannah, b. at Concord ? 14 July, 1645; m. 14 June, 1665, Henry 
Axtell of Marlborough, who was killed by Indians 19 April, 
1676, and she m. secondly 16 July, 1677, William Taylor of 
Concord, who d. 6 December, 1696. 

x. Abigail, b. at Concord ? 15 July, 1647; m. 25 Apnl, 1672, Thomas 
Bateman of Concord; d. 14 July, 1684; he d. ? 6 October, 1727. 

3. II. Robert Merriam, probably youngest of the three 
brothers, born about 1610; married Mary, daughter of Edmond 

* On Tunbridge register is interlined, "Snsan ut puto," making some uncertainty between 
this daughter and the next, 
t There is no certainty as to dates of birth of children born at Concord. 


Sheaf of Cranbrook, Kent, where she was baptized 26 September, 
1620; came to New England, settled at Charlestown, Mass., but 
soon moved to Concord; Freeman of Massachusetts 13 March, 
1639; was Deacon, Town-Clerk 1654—67, Deputy 1655-8; had 
no children; died 15 February, 1682 ; she died 22 July, 1693. 


4. III. William Merriam, born in England ; lived here 
first at Concord; Freeman 2 May, 1649; moved to Lynn; mar- 
ried Elizabeth, daughter of Allen Breed of Lynn. Children, born 
at Lynn : 

i. Joseph. 8 

ii. Elizabeth, b. 8 November, 1654; m. 11 August, 1675, Samuel 

Edmonds of Lynu. 
iii. John, b. 13 September, 1657; d. young, 
iv. Sarah, b. 3 June, 1660 ; d. young, 
v. Rebecca, b. 21 October, 1662. 
vi. Sarah, b. 14 September, 1665; m. 11 July, 1681, John Jenks of 

vii. William, b. 8 March, 1668. 9 

viii. John, b. 25 April, 1671. 10 

His wife died, and he married secondly 11 October, 1676, Ann 
Jones, who died 29 July, 1677, and he married thirdly Sarah 
■ ; d. in May, 1689. 

5. III. Joseph Merriam, born in England in 1629 ; lived at 
Concord and Cambridge, i. e. probably Lexington ; Freeman 22 
May, 1650; married at Concord 12 July, 1653, Sarah, daughter 
of Gregory Stone of Cambridge ; died at Concord 20 April, 1677 ; 
she died at Lexington 5 April, 1704. Children : 

i. Sarah, b. at Concord 2 August, 1654; m. 14 June, 1688, Eleazar 
Ball of Concord, who d. 15 November, 1698, and she m. secondly 
7 June, 1699, Samuel Fletcher of Chelmsford; d. 29 April, 1703. 

ii. Lydia, b. at 3 August, 1656 ; d. 29 December, 1690. 

iii. Joseph, b. at Cambridge 25 May, 1658. 11 

iv. Elizabeth, b. at Cambridge 20 May, 1 660 ; m. Isaac Wood. 

v. John, b. at Cambridge 30 August, 1662. 12. 

vi. Mary, b. at Cambridge 14 June, 1664; m. Isaac Stearns. 

vii. Robert, b. at 17 December, 1667. 13 

viii. Ruth, b. ; m. 3 December, 1690, Nathaniel Stow of Con- 
cord; d. 14 July, 1718. 

ix. Thomas, b. at in 1672. 14 

6. III. John Merriam, born at Concord 9 July, 1641 ; mar- 
ried at Concord 21 October, 1663, Mary, daughter of John 
Cooper of Cambridge ; lived at Concord ; Freeman 12 May, 1675 ; 


died at Concord 27 February, 1724; she died 5 March, 1731, 
Children, born at Concord : 

i. John, b. 3 September, 1666. 15 
ii. Anne, b. 7 September, 1669; m. 9 August, 1692, Daniel Brooks of 

Concord; he d. 18 October, 1733. 

iii. Nathaniel, b. 10 December, 1672. 16 

iv. Ebenezer. 17 

v. Joseph, b. 15 August, 1677. 18 

vi. Samuel, b. 23 July, 1681. 19 

7. III. Samuel Merriam, born at Concord 21 July, 1643; 
married 21 November, 1669, Elizabeth Townsend ; lived at Con- 
cord ; Freeman 22 March, 1690; she died 19 November, 1705. 
Children, born at Concord : 

i. Mary, b. 30 September, 1671 ; m. ? ■ Gates of Harvard. 

ii. Elizabeth, b. 5 October, 1673; m. ? Gates of Harvard. 

iii. Sarah, b. 18 August, 1675; m. 23 November, 1697, Edward 

Wheeler of Concord; d. 25 October, 1738; he d. 17 February, 

iv. Susan, b. 20 August, 1677; m. 29 May, 1704, John Fox of 

v. Samuel, b. 17 October, 1679. 20 

vi. Hannah, b. 16 February, 1682; m. 11 January, 1710, Nathaniel 

Fox of Dracut; he d. in ? 1770. 
vii. Abigail, b. 19 October, 1684; m. Marble of Stow. 


8. IV. Joseph Merriam, born at Lynn ; married 19 August, 
1675, Sarah Jenkins; lived at Lynn; Freeman 18 April, 1691; 
died 21 October, 1702. Children, born at Lynn : 

i. Joseph, b. 10 July, 1676; ? d. young, 
ii. Benjamin, b. 23 April, 1678; ? d. young. 

iii. Sarah, b. 26 February, 1681 ; m. in 1703 Jacob Powers of Concord, 
iv. Elizabeth, b. 2 July, 1683. 
v. Ebenezer, b. 11 February, 1686. 
vi. Theophilus, b. 16 July, 1688; d. in December, 1744, found dead in 

ice on Saugus river, 
vii. Mary, b. ; m. in 1711 David Potter of Ipswich. 

9. IV. William Merriam, born at Lynn 8 March, 1668 ; 
married 3 June, 1690, Hannah Duggle ; Freeman 18 April, 1691. 
Children, born at Lynn : 

i. Hannah, b. 1 March, 1691. 

His wife died 18 August, 1693, and he married secondly 20 
December, 1695, Athildred Berry. Children, born at Lynn : 
ii. William, b. 9 September, 1696; d. 20 September, 1696» 


iii. Jerusha, b. 21 February, 1698; m. in 1716 Edward Parker of Wal- 

iv. Ichabod, b. 20 November, 1700. 
v. Eunice, b. 18 May, 1704. 
vi. William, b. 31 March, 1708. 

His wife died, and he married thirdly in 1709 Abigail Mower, 
who died 26 February, 1711, and he married fourthly in 1711 
Ruth Webb. 

10. IV. John Merriam, born at Lynn 25 April, 1671 ; 
married Rebecca ; lived at Lynn. Children, born at Lynn : 

i. , still-born 25 March, 1695. 

ii. Nathaniel, b. 26 March, 1696. 

iii. John, b. 26 October, 1697; ? of Wallingford, Conn, 

iv. William, b. 9 April, 1700. 

v. Rebecca, b. 26 March, 1702. 

vi. Joseph, b. 29 March, 1704. 

vii. Ruth, b. 12 February, 1706. 

viii. Abigail, b. 14 August, 1708. 

ix. Susan, b. 10 November, 1710. 

11. 12. 13. 14. The descendants of all these are recorded 
in Hudson's History of Lexington. As to 12, John, I will say 
that his will adds to the children named in that volume a son 
John,* and three daughters, Sarah, wife of Philip Russell, Lydia 
and Ruth, thus partially filling the gap deplored by Mr. Hudson. 

15. IV. John Merriam, born at Concord 3 September, 1666 ; 
married 22 July, 1691, Sarah Wheeler. Child, born at Concord: 

i. John, b. 26 July, 1692. 21 

His wife died 2 August, 1692, and he married secondly 16 Feb- 
ruary, 1693, Sarah, daughter of Benjamin Spalding of Chelmsford ; 
Freeman 22 March, 1690 ; Lieutenant ; lived at Concord, afterwards 
at Littleton ; died 30 November, 1748. 

16. IV. Nathaniel Merriam, born at Concord 10 December, 
1672 ; married 18 November, 1701, Mary Taylor ; lived at Concord, 

* Probable record of this John. 

V. John Merriam, b. probably at Lexington in 1695-6; m. Hannah ? Willard; d. at 
Littleton 3 July, 1737, aged 41. Children, b. at Littleton : 

i. Willard, b. 6 September, 1723 ; m. at Concord 11 April, 1749, Sarah Hartwell; she d. 

at Littleton 12 or 23 April, 1785, and he m. secondly 29 September, 1785, Martha, 

daughter of Solomon Phipps of Charlestown ; she d. 24 October, 1793, and he m. 

thirdly 29 May, 1794, Elizabeth, daughter of Solomon Phipps of Charlestown. 
ii. John, b. 5 November, 1725; m. 11 March, 1755, Hannah Goldsmith - T moved to Wal- 

pole, N. H. ; d. in 1814; she d. in 1824. 
iii. Mary, b. 27 January, 1728. 
iv. Silas, b. 9 August, 1730; d. 16 January, 1737- 
v. Daniel, b. 14 March, 1733 ; d. young, 
vi. Hannah, b. 29 October, 1735. 


afterwards at Bedford ; was Deacon ; died 11 December, 1738 ; she 
died 19 May, 1764. Children, born at Concord : 

i. Mary, b. 22 December, 1702; m. Francis Wheeler of Concord; d. 
in 1737; he d. in November, 1774. 

ii. John, b. 16 May, 1704. 22 

17. IV. Ebenezer Merriam, born at Concord ; mar- 
ried 6 December, 1705, Elizabeth, daughter probably of Gershom 
Brooks. Children, born at Concord : 

i. Ebenezer, b. 23 August, 1717. 23 

ii. Timothy, b. 27 May, 1720; probably d. young. 
iii. Oliver, b. 5 June, 1722; Harvard College 1749; d. 29 May, 1751. 

His wife died, and he married secondly at Bedford 9 December, 
1742, Elizabeth, widow of Stephen Davis of Bedford; she died at 
Bedford 5 June, 1752, and he married thirdly at Concord 8 Feb- 
ruary, 1753, Abigail Fox; she died 16 January, 1759, and he 
married fourthly at Concord 4 December, 1759, Elizabeth Rigbe ; 
she died 15 April, 1762, and he married fifthly at Concord 2 Nov- 
ember, 1762, Esther Laughton. 

18. IV. Joseph Merriam, born at Concord 15 August, 1677 ; 
married 24 March, 1705, Dorothy, daughter of Noah Brooks of 
Concord ; lived at Concord ; died 10 December, 1750 ; his widow 
married secondly, 26 December, 1751, John Hunt of Concord; 
died 28 May, 1774. Children, born at Concord : 

i. Dorothy, b. 5 April, 1706; m. 4 November, 1736, Joseph Adams 
of Concord; d. 25 July, 1791 ; he d. 10 May, 1790* 

ii. Mary, b. 5 July, 1707 ; m. Simon Hunt of Concord; he d. in ? 1791. 

iii. Joseph, b. 16 September, 1709; d. at Grafton, 5 May, 1797f. 

iv. Samuel, b. 26 August, 1712. 24 

v. Nathan, b. 12 May, 1720. 25 

vi. Josiah, b. 13 February, 1726. 26 

19. IV. Samuel Merriam, born at Concord 23 July, 1681 ; 
married 8 November, 1711, Sarah Wheeler; lived at Concord, 
afterwards at Bedford; died 22 March, 1761. Children, born at 
Concord : 

i. Sarah, b. 1 April, 1713; m. Wheeler. 

ii. Benjamin, b. 5 August, 1717. 

iii. Nathaniel, b. 7 May, 1720. 27 

iv. Amos, b. 13 July, 1723; probably d. before his father, unmarried. 

20. IV. Samuel Merriam, born at Concord 17 October, 
1679; married 12 May, 1708, Abiel Lee; lived at Concord; was 
Captain and Deacon; died 1 June, 1764; she died 29 August, 
1756. Child : 

i. Samuel, b. at Concord 30 June, 1712; d. 10 March, 1736. 

* These were the great- grandparents of the author, 
t For his descendants see History of Grafton. 



21. V. John Merriam, born at Concord 26 July, 1692 ; 
married 15 November, 1714, Abigail Norcross of Sudbury; lived 
at Concord, afterwards at Littleton ; died in 1735. Children : 

i. Sarah, b. at Concord 22 November, 1715. 
ii. Abigail, b. at Concord 19 September, 1717. 
iii. John, b. at Concord 1 January, 1720; d. young, 
iv. Jerusha, b. at Concord 22 February, 1722. 

v. Mary, b. at Concord 4 May, 1724; m. 8 May, 1746, Jacob Farrar. 
vi. Jemima, b. at Littleton 16 August, 1726; d. 13 June, 1729. 
vii. John, b. at Littleton 30 June, 1729; m. at Concord 11 September, 

1755, Sarah Jones; d. at Concord 27 July, 1775; she d. 3 

November, 1793. 

22. V. John Merriam, born at Concord 16 May, 1704; 
married at Bedford 23 March, 1731, Abigail Howard; lived at 
Bedford ; died 20 September, 1767 ; his widow married 20 Janu- 
ary, 1774, James Lane of Bedford; died 15 November, 1793. 
Children, born at Bedford : 

i. Rebecca, b. 28 September, 1731 ; m. Stone. 

ii. Mary, b. 25 July, 1733; m. 17 April, 1755, Ephraim Crosby of 

iii. John, b. 13 February, 1735; m. 4 December, 1760, Hannah 
Brooks of Lincoln; d. 26 December, 1794. 

iv. Anna, b. 13 July, 1737; m. 1 January, 1756, Thomas Page, 
v. Nathaniel, b. 15 December, 1739; d. 15 September, 1758, "in his 
Majesty's service at Lake George." 

vi. Lydia, b. 6 April, 1742; m. 1 March, 1759, Rev. Nathaniel Sher- 
man of Bedford, who d. at East Windsor, Conn., 18 July, 1797. 

vii. William, b. 3 February, 1744; d. 15 August, 1749. 
viii. Abigail, b. 28 April, 1746; d. 16 August, 1749. 

ix. Thaddeus, b. 17 April, 1748; d. 24 October, 1754. 

x. William, b. 25 August. 1750; m. 30 November, 1769, Esther 

23. V. Ebenezer Merriam, born at Concord 23 August, 

1717; married Sarah ; lived at Concord; died 12 July 

1751. Children, born at Concord : 

i. Sarah, b. 12 September, 1741. 
ii. Elizabeth, b. 1 March, 1744. 

24. V. Samuel Merriam, born at Concord 26 August, 1712 ; 
married 17 March, 1741, Jerusha Brooks of Concord. Children, 
born at Concord : 

i. Elizabeth, b. 7 February, 1742. 
ii. Samuel, b. 2 September, 1744. 
iii. Hannah, b. 4 March, 1746. 
iv. Jerusha, b. 2 October, 1747. 

His wife died 2 October, 1747, and he married secondly, 21 
December, 1749, Esther Wheeler of Concord ; lived at Concord ; 


died 4 May, 1769 ; she died 25 September, 1775. Children, born 
at Concord : 

v. Ebenezer, b. 8 January, 1752 ; d. 7 March, 1775. 
vi. John, b. 12 January, 1754; d. 15 October, 1804. 

vii. Esther, b. ; m. 5 March, 1770, Thomas Bond. 

viii. Stephen, b. 27 May, 1761. 

25. V. Nathan Merriam, born at Concord 12 May, 1720 ; 
married 11 January, 1743, Abigail Wheeler of Concord ; lived at 
Concord ; died 11 November, 1782 ; she died 29 May, 1796. Chil- 
dren, born at Concord : 

i. Joseph, b. 26 January, 1744; m. 14 January, 1768, Mary Brooks; 
moved to Mason, N. H. ; d. 6 November, 1826.* 

ii. Abigail, b. 18 November, 1745 ; m. Stow. 

iii. Dorothy, b. 16 December, 1747; d. 7 September, 1766. 
iv. Lucy, b. 7 August, 1749; m. 22 November, 1776, Amos Hosmer. 
v. Nathan, b. 25 May, 1751. 

vi. Mehitable, b. 25 March, 1753; probably d. young, 
vii. David, b. 28 October, 1754; probably d. young, 
viii. Mary, b. 21 November, 1756; m. 22 November, 1776, Joseph 

ix. Hepzibah, b. 23 October, 1758; m. Wright. 

x. Amos, b. 13 October, 1760. 

xi. Ephraim, b. 26 January, 1764; d. 10 July, 1803. 

26. V. Josiah Merriam, born at Concord 13 February, 1726 ; 
married 17 June, 1746, Lydia Wheeler of Concord; lived at Con- 
cord; died 23 April, 1809 ; she died 30 August, 1802. Children, 
born at Concord : 

i. Lydia, b. 1 May, 1747. 

ii. Mary, b. 2 September, 1749. 

iii. Rebecca, b. 12 September, 1751. 

iv. Sarah, b. 19 April, 1753 ; m. 30 July, 1776, Noah Wheeler. 

v. Josiah, b. 27 June, 1755; m. 6 August, 1778, Mary Brown; d. 21 
November, 1832; she d. 9 January, 1815. 

vi. Timothy, b. 29 September, 1757. 
vii. Anna, b. 10 April, 1760. 
viii. Oliver, b. 10 April, 1762; d. 18 September, 1784. 

ix. Elizabeth, b. 13 July, 1764. 

x. Joseph, b. 22 July, 1767. 

27. V. Nathaniel Merriam, born at Concord 7 May, 1720 ; 
married at Bedford 27 December, 1748, Olive Wheeler of Bed- 
ford ; lived at Bedford ; died 9 May, 1802 ; she died 25 November, 
1806. Children, born at Bedford : 

i. Samuel, b. 5 November, 1749. 
ii. Sarah, b. 10 October, 1753. 
iii. Olive, b. 1 March, 1763. 

* For his descendants see History of Mason. 


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